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Through Boredom into Fascination

1 Dec 2023 – 20 Jan 2024

“Through Boredom Into Fascination” takes inspiration from American photographer, Diane Arbus, who would never choose a subject for what it means to her or what she thinks about it. She believes these things begin to unfold if we just plain choose a subject and do it enough.


Ignis Fatuus

6 Oct 2023 – 8 Nov 2023

Ignis Fatuus – a flickering green light resembling a flame is a natural phenomenon caused by the spontaneous combustion of decaying organic matter, and is found mainly in marshes. Its Latin name directly means Foolish Light.


Crawling Backwards

19 Aug 2023 – 19 Sep 2023

In fact that, most of us were regressing prematurely.

About the Gallery

The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School provides an exclusive exhibition platform to the students and alumni of the School. It is a bridge between the School and the real art world. It brings in practical gallery operation opportunities for students and alumni. At the same time, it encourages them to reach out to the community with their artworks. Especially since it is located right at the heart of the city, and is inside one of the most vibrant art spaces in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the Gallery takes on a unique role of featuring and nurturing art.
The School Gallery is established with an educational aim and it offers more than what common galleries may normally offer. Apart from providing exposure for their artistic outcomes and talents, the Gallery helps students and alumni to build up confidence, proficiency, and professionalism in integrating art with daily life as well as local culture.