The sensibility and emotion of mankind is always acknowledging our perception of reality. In this process, desire is often transformed into imagination which is also projected onto reality, conceiving delusion. The three graduates of the Hong Kong Art School’s BAFA programme* invariably express and reflect on the complex and subtle relationship between the real and the phantom via a variety of medias (water color, oil and digital photography), witnessing the exquisite and intimate connections between people and emotion.

人類的觸覺及情感無時無刻在擴闊個體對現實的認知。在這過程中,人類的慾望往往會將想像投射到現實中,幻象由此萌生。 香港藝術學院三位應屆藝術文學士課程*畢業生借助多種媒介(水彩、油畫和數碼影像),不約而同反思真實與幻象之間複雜而精細的關係,見證著人與人之間微妙的聯繫。

Exhibition Period
14 June - 12 July 2013
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Doris LING
Vanessa WONG

*The programme is co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University