Hong Kong Art School Alumni Exhibition 2014 - CONCEPTION AND PERCEPTION

In the contemporary world of art and art making as well as art appreciation, no matter you are the art maker or the viewer, there may not always be a definite answer to the question you have in mind towards a work of art. The subtle connection between the maker’s concept and the viewer’s perception is always intriguing, even though it may sometimes come with a contradictory sense. As an art maker, do you always anticipate and enjoy the communication with the viewer through your work? What does the issue of “Conception and Perception” mean to you?

Through the exhibition “Conception and Perception”, the alumni of the Hong Kong Art School would like to explore the essence and the value of art practice, discovering different possibilities of art making with the public.

於當代藝術世界,無論你是創作者或是觀看者,在藝術創作與欣賞兩方面,對於一件作品的領悟與理解未必能有一致的看法與觀點。然而在創作者的意念與觀看者對作品的知覺之間卻有著微妙而不著跡的連繫,那管兩者對該作品的感覺是一致抑或南轅北轍。香港藝術學院藝廊藉著今年校友展覽擲出這「問題」給學院校友 --- 作為創作者,你會有多麽期盼或享受以作品跟觀者交流溝通呢? Conception & Perception (意念與知覺) 的議題對於你有何意義?


Exhibition Period
10 May - 20 June 2014
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Suzanne AU
Carrie CHENG
Cassandra LAU
LEUNG Oi Ling Elsa
LIU Wing Hung
Michelle NG
SIN Wai Chi Rayven
Polly Snaith
TAM Cheuk Man
Michelle TAM
Tse Lok Lun Laurence
Stella TSOI
WAN Man Yan
WONG Chin Yi
YIU Chun Wa
YU Ka Hei