This exhibition showcases the black and white photographic works by eight students currently studying at the Hong Kong Art School in the Higher Diploma in Fine Art programme.  All works are produced with traditional analogue photography methods from film cameras to darkroom processing and printing. The participating artists hope that viewers will have a glimpse of what photography was like before the coming of colour photography and contemporary digital images, and learn how these approaches can still be used in contemporary art.


Exhibition Period
6 January - 4 February 2016
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Year-2 students from the School's Higher Diploma in Fine Art programme

Carol CHENG 鄭珈洛
Intuon CHAU 周姍祐
LAM Ho Yin 林浩賢
LAW Chun Ho 羅縉壕
LAW Yan Lui 羅欣蕾
Lily LEUNG 梁晶瑩
WONG Ka Yan 王嘉欣
YUEN Nga Chi 袁雅芝

Curated by:
Dr. Edwin K. LAI 黎健強博士