Hong Kong Art School 5th Alumni Exhibition 2016 – Our Inner Voices

As the School’s alumni begin to pursue a career as an artist after their graduation, they explore undiscovered territories, facing unknown obstacles and searching for personal style through the process of self-reflecting. Yet such process can foster growth, bring new opportunities as well as great inspiring ideas which then become and evolve into their own uniquely style of artworks afterwards.

The 5th Alumni Exhibition, entitled “Our Inner Voices”, gathers the voices from the artists’ heart, and conveys stories that they want to tell the viewers. It is a combination of expression, communication, and connection. This exhibition, which mainly encompasses works in form of Painting, Photography, Ceramics, and Sculpture, will definitely bring out the sensations and feelings of the viewers, which is a not-to-be-missed event in spring!


本年度香港藝術學院校友展覽特以《Our Inner Voices》為題,旨在集結及傳遞藝術家的聲音,用藝術表達心中所思所想,與參觀者溝通及連結關係。眾藝術家透過繪畫、攝影、陶藝及雕塑四種媒介展示作品,以個人獨有的創作語言,不但訴說一路以來學習的經驗、個人故事與價值觀,同時分享對社會現況的個人看法。參觀者能從展覽中感受藝術家內在的感受,以及對藝術理性的見解,實在不容錯過!

Exhibition Period
18 March - 24 April 2016
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
AU Ho Lam Suzanne
CHAN King Wai
CHAN Wan Lai Winnie
CHEUNG Chi Fan Angela
CHOW King Fung Rodrick
FUNG Ka Fai Sam
FUNG Victor
HO Wing Kay Katie
HO Yuk Ming Bess
KOK Heung Lan
KWONG Ophelia
LAU Roger
LEE Chik Chi
LEUNG Lai Man Jess
LIU Ka Yee
LIU Wing Hung Danny
NG Lai Yi Michelle
NG Shun Kwan Chantelle
TAM Donna
TANG Julia
TSANG Wai Ming Cathy
TSE Lok Lun
TSOI Stella
WONG Chi Ming
YAU Anita
YIU Chun Wa
YU Ka Hei
YUEN So Ling
YUEN Yuen Ho