Art for Space / Space for Art?

Spatial concern, especially in Hong Kong, has been a key topic of discussion in almost every sector; while in the world of Art, it is almost for certain that space, either large or small, regular or crooked, would never limit our imagination. Instead, it endlessly boosts up our creativity.

It is the 6th year for Hong Kong Art School to host an exclusive annual exhibition for our Alumni specially at the School Gallery located on the 10th floor of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. The tube-like gallery space all alumni certainly passed by during their school days is humble in appearance. Nevertheless, it helps nurture countless creative minds like theirs!

於是次香港藝術學院第6屆校友展「Art for Space / Space for Art?」中,學院不同年份畢業於藝術碩士、文學士、高級文憑課程的校友將展示與藝廊場地配合的藝術作品。他們以繪畫、攝影、陶瓷、混合媒體作品、裝置藝術等各種形式和不同媒介表達所思所想,在藝廊中併發火花,為觀眾帶來有趣的觀賞經驗。

Exhibition Period
18 March - 22 April 2017
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Suzanne AU
King Wai CHAN
Winnie CHAN
Rodrick CHOW
Victor FUNG
Katie HO
Bess HO
KOK Heung Lan