Amygdala Hijack

People have a fear of a particular environment or thing, such as darkness, height, the center of water, fire and so on. These fears stem from the state of human which having primitive living in the wild for survival ages ago. Fear is the instinctive reaction of human to the nature. The area that triggers fear is the amygdala in brain. Amygdala consists of two groups of almond-sized neuron. When they are stimulated by the horrible things and moments, they release the neurotransmitter and transmit the key signal to the rest of the brain and the whole body. Now we live in the most longevity and wealthy era that life is running smoothly for most of the people but the unfading shadow of fear is still not diminished but lingering. We usually do not share with others about the fear we have and hide them within secured living.

Through this exhibition, students from the School's Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)* programme hope to share with the audience these throbs and resonate together through the works.



Exhibition Period
17 - 29 July 2017
10:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)* students (majoring in Photography)
藝術文學士*學生 (主修攝影)

CHAN Oi Yan 陳靄欣
CHEUNG Yick Kan 張亦勤
CHOW King Fung 周景豐
CHOI Ching Nga 蔡青雅
LAU Pui Ngo 劉培娥
YUEN Kam Wa 袁錦華

*The programme is co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University