PROCESSING: on Reading Art

Countering the prevailing trend of contemporary art fairs, which tends to place emphasis on the signature artworks or the artistic outcomes rather than the conceptual development and the making process behind, this exhibition is designed to open up another way for perceiving contemporary art.

From conception to realization, the making of contemporary art involves substantial researches, in-depth analysis of materials, and countless experiments with the visual presentation throughout the process. The beholders may miss out the essentials if they can only get access to the artistic outcomes at the end.

In this exhibition, a group of emerging artists from the Hong Kong Art School are invited to showcase their artworks together with a “book” that documents their creative process. The work and the book form a unit of exhibit, they complement with each other, allowing the beholders to peek through the creative initiatives and understand related development.

The exhibition invites you to “read” contemporary art in a new mode!

在當下藝術博覽會(art fairs) 的熱潮下, 一般觀眾往往看到的是眾多藝術家簽名式的作品,卻甚少對作品背後的生成過程、藝術家的創作意念發展作太多的理解。


故此, 這次我們邀請了來自學院的多位新晉藝術工作者, 在展出他們的作品的同時, 配以一本有關他們的創作的「書本」。作品和書本相輔相成、互相對應,讓觀眾反覆思考創作者的創作意向和目的,以及其直線或多向的思緒發展。

展覽邀請觀眾以嶄新模式一起「閱讀」當代 的藝術創作!

Exhibition Period
10 - 29 March 2018
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
CHOI Yan Yee 蔡欣宜
CHOW King Fung Rodrick 周景豐
FUNG Ching Kuen Loiix 馮正權
KAN Kiu Sin Tobe 簡喬倩
KONG Chun Nga Kitty 江俊雅
LAM Chun Man Tracy 林頌文
Lily LEUNG 梁山丹
LI Pui Hei Antonie 李佩羲
NG Hui Lan Gladys 吳慧蘭
Catherine Ying Wai PICKOP 李盈慧