PROCESSING: on Mind-mapping

The process of idea development for an artist may not be bounded by just thinking and thoughts; it can be progressed through diverse methods such as reading, sketching, discussing, researching, analyzing as well as experimenting. The process leads to findings that are with complexity, purity, or intimacy and they develop to become some visual notes of the artist. These act as tangible memories and can be recalled or even shared with the others when necessary.

At this stage of mind-mapping and notes-making, the artists owns absolute freedom on the mediums, styles and methodology, they can work as true to themselves as they wish for the exploration without any psychological burden. Visual notes may be light and minor to some audiences, but they are vital to the artists.

This exhibition, organized by Hong Kong Art School, serves as a common platform for eight young artists to present their intermediate creative works which are derived from their tangible memories and thinking processes. Through the exhibition, audiences see tangible thinking processes with openness and uniqueness, and the interested subject matters of the artists. As for whether you as an audience can predict where and how far the artists can go from this stage? This is left to your imagination.




Exhibition Period
23 March – 31 May 2019
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
CHING Yuen Hang 程苑蘅
LAU Sze Yin 劉思賢
LAU Yuen Ting Rita 劉婉婷
LI Ning Fung 李寧峰
LUI Tsz Hei 呂祉希
PONG Chung Hang Ivana 龐頌恒
WONG Man Ching Maggie 黃敏靖
YUNG Ka Man 翁嘉文