The word “Ceramic” can be traced back to the Greek term κέραμος (keramos), which means “a potter” or “pottery”. It is related to an older Sanskrit root, which means “to burn”. Thus, the early Greeks used the term to describe “burned stuff” or “fired earth”.

What does “Ceramic” mean now? 9 alumni (Major in Ceramics) from different backgrounds and cohorts attempt to reexamine this question in a contradictory way and use “unfired” clay to express their own ideas in this “Unceramic” exhibition.

What role does unfired clay play in the so-called “contemporary ceramic art”?

「陶瓷」一詞起源於希臘語κέραμος(keramos),意思指「陶工」或「陶器」,並與古梵語詞根的意思燃燒有關。 因此,早期的希臘人以該術語表示「燃燒過的東西」或「燒過的土」。



Exhibition Period
5 June – 29 July 2020
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Joan CHAN x Changmin HYUN 陳穗梅 x 玄昌敏
Ray CHAN 陳思光
Scott CHAN 陳建業
Shadow CHOW 周影
Emily LUK 陸晛
Geoffrey PALMER
Ann WONG 黃靜雯
YIU Chun Wa 姚俊樺

Curated by:
Ray CHAN陳思光