Material and Physics

When we create a sculpture work, firstly we need to start with selecting the material. (Where is the material from? Why do you choose this material? Is it organic? Industrial? Readymade object? Found object or Mixed media?)

Based on the feature of materials, artists can use different techniques and skills accordingly. Then they have to consider if it should involve alternative development or Craftsmanship? Does the form of the work confront or go along with the gravity? How to set up the finished work in the space? (A specific site? With Shadow? Indoor? Outdoor? Temporary?) How can it be presented and recorded? (Interactive? Video recording? VR?)

A series of options combined with art, science, physics, logic, experience, and sensation are then available. If we define the finished work as a result, could the fabrication process be defined as the narrative content?

從事雕塑創作,要面對如何選擇物料,(物料從何而來?為何選用這種物料?有機的?有時限的?多樣的?現成的?) 透過物料的物理特性採用相對的應用及處理技巧。(另類研發還是工藝處理?) 造型上如對抗行地心吸力?(迎合還是對抗?) 完成品如何裝置或陳示?(地域性的?有影的?臨時的?) 如何去呈現或記錄?(互動的?攝影還是短片或是VR?)



Exhibition Period
11 October – 26 November 2020
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)

Participating Artists:
Annebell CHAN 陳安瑤
Meko CHENG Hoi Yan 鄭凱殷
Rivian CHEUNG Wing Yan 張穎欣
LIT Wing Hung 列咏虹
Leo WONG Chun Yam 黃振欽
Boy YIU Kwan Ho 姚君豪

Curated by:
Joe CHAN Kiu Hong 陳翹康