1+1 Dimension _ Poetry x Photography

Since being invited by Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine to provide visual images for poetry in 2020, Yuet Mei Lo started to know more about Hong Kong contemporary poetry and studied different poems by Hong Kong poets. Lo employs the essence of poetry for the concept of her photographic art, trying to extend her ways of art expression and explore the diversity in photography.

In this cross-media exhibition, Lo collaborates with a number of Hong Kong poets, including Raymond Chan, Siu Ping, Huang Runyu, Matthew Cheng, Louise Law and Kwan Tin Lam. The works, both poems and photographs, have been published in different issues of the Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine.

Lo presents the works in installation, projection, prints, voice and words in order to offer multi-experience to the viewers in “poem-reading”.

Hong Kong Poets: Raymond Chan, Siu Ping, Huang Runyu, Matthew Cheng, Louise Law and Kwan Tin Lam, Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine and Voice of Verse.





Exhibition Period
1 - 30 December 2021
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays) | Closed at 6pm on 21 & 24 December 2021)

Opening Reception
4 December 2021, 3pm

Exhibition period and opening hours may be subject to change in view of the situation of the pandemic, please stay tuned to our updates.
因應疫情情況, 展期及開放時間或會作更改, 請留意網頁更新

Yuet Mei LO