The boring grey is commonly found in our daily necessities and our city’s infrastructure. This series of works tries to imitate the nature of stainless steel by exploring reflective textiles and deconstructing the structure of object, in order to display the gradient of grey and rebuild the artist’s perspective on still objects.

Lit completed the Higher Diploma in Fine Art programme of Hong Kong Art School in 2016, and received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from RMIT University in 2019, majored in Sculpture. Lit’s works are usually in the form of mixed media sculpture and installation. Penetrating personal life experiences, physical limitations, worldwide social and news events, the artworks reflect Lit's observation in daily life, and express her confrontation with dissatisfaction and unfairness in a humorous manner.


呀列於2016修畢香港藝術學院藝術高級文憑,並於2019年取得澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術文學士學位,主修雕塑。 其主要創作包括混合媒介雕塑及裝置作品。呀列的作品以汲取個人生活經驗、身體限制、社會及時事等為創作背景與元素,藉此反映她對日常生活的觀察,以幽默詼諧的方式回應個人對於不公平與不滿的對抗。

Exhibition Period
21 January - 1 March 2022
11:00 - 20:00 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays) | Closed at 6pm on 31 January 2022)

Opening Streaming
21 January 2022, 6:30pm on the artist's Instagram: @lit_wh

Wing Hung LIT